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An online community of small businesses.
A place for small businesses to find customers, service providers and tools to grow their business


Find new customers by creating a listing and being on Knokal - customers will come to you

Create a listing to find the right small businesses to help you grow your business

Recieve email notifications when there is a project that matches your skills and experience

Upload media to showcase who you are and what you do to have a better chance of getting the job

User generated content - learn from your peers and help educate others

Get analytics about who is viewing your profile to better understand your customers


Knokal is a B2B platform for small businesses
It is a space for small businesses to put themselves into the conversation.

On Knokal they will find customers and service providers, and can educate
other businesses about who they are and what they do. Knokal not only
puts small businesses on the ‘map’, it puts them on the right one. Knokal also
provides a range of tools and content to educate small businesses
on growing their business.

We wanted to create an environment where small businesses can interact
with one another in a supportive climate, to ask questions and educate
themselves about new opportunities.

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I am looking for a service provider

Find the right partner businesses to help grow your business, whether they are accountants, lawyers, copyrighters, virtual assistants, web designers, logo designers or 100's of different industries

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A quick profile builder gets you started. An in depth profile builder helps to match you to businesses that are ready to do business

The more effort you put into your profile, the more likely you are to get work from it. So make sure that you upload lots of pictures of what you do, a picture of yourself or your logo so clients remember you and up to date information so people can search for your services.

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I provide services for others

Find the right customers to help grow your business.

Customers are being matched to you on a number of compatiblity factors, and the more information you give them, the better matches you will get.