About Knokal

Knokal started as the evolution of the old business directory but we have moved into more into a marketplace and education model. We have two main customers – design and creative services, and the small businesses that want to hire them. For Design and Creative services we are a marketplace to help them find new customers – and more importantly new customers that have already been on-boarded. Our briefing process means we have helped identify what their customers are looking for which means less time on the discovery process and more time getting the job done. For small businesses we help demystify the process of running and growing a business. We give them the tools to find customers and service providers, and educate them to help them through the process of hiring the services they need to put themselves on the map. We wanted to create an environment where small businesses can interact with one another in a supportive climate, to ask questions and educate themselves about new opportunities.

Who is Knokal for?

Creative and marketing services – we help creative and marketing services find new customers and give them the tools to help grow their business. Our escrow service will allow them to stop chasing payments so they can concentrate on the important things.
Small businesses - and anyone who wants to do business with small businesses. No matter what stage a business is in, we have tools available to help small businesses grow and to educate themselves about opportunities that are available.

What can Knokal do for me?

Some Knokal members depend on us to simply find new customers, for some members we are a place to find the right service providers to set their businesses growth into motion. We are the place where they publish content to build their audience, we are where they come to get a great deal from our member discount partners. Knokal doesn’t just want to stop there, we are constantly inventing ways to keep providing for our members. It is not only your businesses that will be growing, it is ours as well, we want to keep revolutionizing our product to reflect what our customers need.

The team

A ragtag bunch of hackers, hustlers, hipsters and straight up dreamers. And a numbers nerd.

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David Smith

Co-founder and CEO

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Nathan Knox

Co-founder and COO

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Nathan Gersbach

Development Manager

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Dionne Alaveras

Content Manager

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Tobias Turnbull

Junior Developer

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Inga Jonsdottir

Junior Designer

Our mission

We want to level the playing field for small businesses.
If there is an enterprise solution for a problem – Knokal wants to provide the small business solution.

“Knokal, A Place to Engage with Like Minded Business Owners”

- David Smith (Knokal Co-Founder and CEO)